Your home-made tour or walk

  • Duration: 8 days
  • Price: €589

Many of you have already been to Tenerife or have done your homework and would prefer to be taken on a sightseeing tour or country walk of your own design, but just need to be driven and guided along the way. You may also prefer a shorter visit to specific areas or monuments, like the capital, Santa Cruz, where Horatio Nelson suffered his only defeat or the Basilica at Candelaria, center of pilgrimage for thousands of devoted Catholics and home to La Morenita, Patron Saint of the Canaries. So please contact us, let us know what you would like to see, ask for a quotation and we will be delighted to accompany you.

Maybe you don’t want a guide at all and just need a little advice on what to see in Tenerife and how to get there. So please don’t be afraid to contact us. We would be very pleased to help.

The prices for our excursions do not include the purchase of food and drink, souvenirs, entrance fees to museums, etc. If you are in any doubt, please contact us.

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