Sunset in Tenerife

  • Destination: El Bollullo, El Corral del Niño, El Socorro, Los Patos, Mount Teide, Teide National Park

Destinations: Teide National Park, Mount Teide, El Corral del Niño, El Bollullo, El Socorro, Los Patos, Tenerife.

Duration: 6 hours approx.

Pick-up time: 15.00 (or later, depending on sunset time and position)

This is a tour for the romantic or for the earnest photographer who wishes to capture the glorious Tenerife sunset colours.

Chasing the sunset is an adventure in itself, depending on the time of year and on where you are staying in Tenerife. If is from a remote cove and over the sparkling sea we can then head for a nearby inn to sample freshly caught fish. If we are in the mountains and high above the clouds we will explore the fascinating volcanic landscapes and discover how the evening sun brings out different tones in the lavas and rocks.

In the rare event of inclement weather conditions we will offer an alternative tour or attempt to
re-schedule the tour.

The prices for our excursions do not include the purchase of food and drink, souvenirs, entrance fees to museums, etc. If you are in any doubt, please contact us.

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